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about Lizette

Growing up seated on the gas tanks of motorcycles, hanging out in artist studios and airplane hangers, it makes sense that Lizette would fall in love with circus arts. Her first circus love was flying trapeze in 2003, and she hasn't looked at a ceiling the same way since. Expanding her repertoire, she studied and performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in other circus disciplines including double trapeze, rope, Spanish web, lyra, duo lyra and mini aerial straps. Her training includes studying under legendary circus performers Elena Panova, Serchmaa Bayamba, and Mouvance duo Luc Martin and Helene Turcotte.

Lizette’s love of traditional circus and the surreal, along with her sultry, elegant style make her a uniquely captivating and dynamic performer. She bridges the worlds of ethereal lightness and delicious darkness, "dancing between earth and sky connected by a thread

to the eternal."